Maria Kędzierska

    Maria Biegańska


Joanna Jaszuńska


Maryla Kędzierska /Maria Kędzierska/, PWSSP (State College of Arts) in Łódź, painter and faithful fan of Finnish Cottages, the one who visits Jazdów most often. She often arranges to meet her brother Andrew and Danka, his wife there to have a little chat about the good old times.

Marysia Biegańska, the author’s younger sister, painter and according to many, the shapeliest Academy of Fine Arts of the early 70-ties student - at present the Museum of Printing custodian. She lives with her husband, Piotr Syski, and daughter Oliwia in the district if Saska Kępa. They often visit Jazdow together to recall “period two” parties and the times of pre-marriage dating. Wujaszek the cat purrs with understanding to all the family doings.

Joasia Jaszuńska /Joanna Jaszuńska/- graduated from the Graphics Department of the Acedame of Fine Arts in Warsaw, petite in body, great in heart – an active member of the group cultivating the memory of Finnish Cottages estate, called Open Jazdów ( Otwarty Jazdów). She overbids the author in the number of cats she possesses: she has got two lovely cat girls.

She is the mother of the two adult sons with whom she likes walking ( as she always did) and admire a tall and handsome spruce tree her father planted fifty years ago.