The author, her sister

and her friend now




Dramatis Personae

We – the second generation

The author

Zofia Biegańska /Zofia Puszkarow/, an English Philology graduate, co-author of the two retro thrillers - ‘Sopot 1939’ and ‘Sopot 1940’. She often and with a great pleasure visits Finnish Cottages estate, sentimental memories in her heart and present day duty in mind.

(She runs foreign language courses in nearby 12 Primary School). She owns a cat who can speak.

Maryla Kędzierska /Maria Kędzierska/, PWSSP (State College of Arts) in Łódź, painter and faithful fan of Finnish Cottages, the one who visits Jazdów most often. She often arranges to meet her brother Andrew and Danka, his wife there to have a little chat about the good old times.

Colin – Maryla’s dog, an irreconcilable antagonist of telephones and mobiles.

Mak-Luś  - in real life Ludwik Biegański, the author’s cousin, a geographer by education, publisher by practice ( in which he resembles her father). Allochton.

Marysia Biegańska, the author’s younger sister, painter and according to many, the shapeliest Academy of Fine Arts of the early 70-ties student - at present the Museum of Printing custodian. She lives with her husband, Piotr Syski, and daughter Oliwia in the district if Saska Kępa. They often visit Jazdow together to recall “period two” parties and the times of pre-marriage dating. Wujaszek the cat purrs with understanding to all the family doings.

Joasia Jaszuńska /Joanna Jaszuńska/- graduated from the Graphics Department of the Acadamy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, petite in the body, great in heart – an active member of the group cultivating the memory of Finnish Cottages estate, called Open Jazdów ( Otwarty Jazdów). She overbids the author in the number of cats she possesses: she has got two lovely cat girls.

She is the mother of the two adult sons with whom she likes walking ( as she always did) and admire a tall and handsome spruce tree her father planted fifty years ago.

Rysiek Gliwicz - in love with the mountains and with the girl from there. They both run a residential hotel in Krynica. He skis and skates in the winter, and in the summer he regularly plays tennis. His two sons live in Warsaw and he visits them on a regular basis. When the family gets together in the capital, they often go to Jazdow to show the place to Richard’s grandsons.

Jędrek – (Andrzej Gliwicz), Richard’s brother, ex-sailor and Polish Airline Lot navigator, later an actor who together with his wife, Danka played the English in numerous Bollywood films. Like the others, they are great fans of Jazdow Finnish Cottages.

Jasiek - or Jan Issat, graduated from Warsaw Technical University, Politechnika, a businessman, at present a pensioner. He hangs on to old photographs and r souvenirs with veneration and is often eager to take part in Colony IV gatherings. He has two sons who understand his sentimental approach to the good old times, and often keep him company when he gets back to the place of his childhood.

Jurek Lipmann  - a sailor and businessman, an active member of Ujazdów parties of  the two periods: ‘early’ and ‘late’, as well as one of the leaders of frequent trips to the mountains and to the Lake District, in which he took part on several occasions together with the author, his future wife, Tereska, and other members of the posse. Like others, he and Tereska liked the post-Ujazdów events.